"Just your average clumsy history nerd with a passion for the past! I've been obsessed with history ever since I was a child; it was always my favourite subject at school and I found something delightful about the trials, tribulations and mind-boggling achievements of those that came before us. I became particularly fascinated with female historical figures who despite their often extraordinary resilience and brilliance have failed to receive the same recognition as their male counterparts! One of the things I love most about history is just how vast it is; there's so many stories yet to be told. That's why I'm super excited to be involved with the magazine, working alongside people who love history as much as I do, telling some of those untold stories. I'm also a bit of a politics nerd and so can usually be found reading and writing about politics, historical women, food and music! Sometimes I can even be found with paintbrush in hand too!"

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