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Edition 14 - The History of Motorsport
Release Date: June 2023
Submissions close: 14th April 2023. 
We are looking for articles about the history of Motorsport.
We want articles about; 
The History of Formula 1 
NASCAR History
Rally Driving History 
Pre-War Racing history 
Motorcycle racing history 
Racing Legends
Edition 15 - The History of Food
Release Date: August 2023
Submissions close: 9th June 2023. 
We are looking for articles about the history of food and drink.
Edition 16 - The History of Film and TV
Release Date: October 2023
Submissions close: 11th August 2023.
We are looking for articles about the history of film and TV.
Edition 17 - The History of Empires
Release Date: December 2023
Submissions close: 13th October 2023. 
We are looking for articles on Empire for this edition. 
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