Ancient (<400AD)
Spanning millennia, the ancient world is full of civilisations that paved the way for modern living. From language and food to politics and warfare, everything starts with the ancients.
Medieval (400-1500)
A time filled with Knights and fair ladies? The Middle Ages is far more than the church controlled, disease ridden ‘dark ages’ you may have heard of. Whether it’s literature, science, war or love, there is something for everyone in the medieval world.
Early Modern (1500-1800)
Come and explore the new world with us. We look at the well known topics like Henry VIII and the restoration, as well as looking at the topics that have been forgotten.
Modern (1800-1939)
From the industrial revolution to the 1930s we explore the big and the little topics that shaped the world we live in today
World Wars (1914-1945)
The two most deadly conflicts in human history. From the fields of Flanders to the jungles of Okinawa, the World Wars saw some of the most infamous events, battles and people to ever grace planet Earth.
Post War (>1945)
1945 was the dawn of a new age. Europe and the rest of the world was destroyed by war. The world had to rebuild. Find out more how the world rebuilt and evolved, right up to the present day.

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