Edition 16: Film and TV out now!

Rosie Maggs

Film and TV Edition out now!

This year sees some key anniversaries of icons of Film and TV. It is 60 years since the creation of Doctor Who, one of the longest-running sci-fi shows and 100 years of Disney, we have brilliant features on both of these. This edition explores the glitz and glamour of ealry Hollywood, right up to modern day blockbusters. As well as looking at some of the best TV moments. Whats your favourite film or TV show? As always, the biggest thank you to all of our amazing contributors, featured museums, and team members, you allow us to make sure history stays entertaining, educational and accessible for all. We’ve recently launched a new talks programme, which you can apply to be part of, submissions are still open for 2024 and we’ve launched a Facebook group to help historians connect with each other and brands! To stay up to date make sure to follow us on Instagram @thehistoriansmagazine
Edition 16: Film and TV out now!
Cover by Bella Mulrooney

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Edition 16: Film and TV out now!

Rosie Maggs

Rosie is a public historian who currently works in Digital Marketing for an independent Museum. Rosie studied Film Production at University and then completed an MA in European History. Rosie loves learning new things about history but has a soft spot for the 1920s. Rosie set up The Historians Magazine as a way to give up and coming and established historians a place to write as she felt that there was a lack of places to get published easily in the history world. Rosie is looking forward to developing The Historians and Little Historians Magazines and can’t wait to see what 2023 offers! She is particularly excited for the Motorsport and Film and TV Editions.
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