Edition 18 - out now!

Rosie Maggs

Edition 18 out now!

Edition 18 is here! Our first Edition of 2024, we are so excited! Thank you to everyone for your support in 2023, to help us get this far - who can believe we have produced 18 wonderful editions of The Historians Magazine? We are looking forward to producing six more this year! This Edition we have a fantastic six-page feature from Luke Daly on the House of Godwine. Plus articles from Matthew Lewis, Katie Arnold and James Taylor on some other aspects of Royal history to compliment our main feature this edition. If you haven’t already subscribed to The Historians Magazine, now is a great time to start. You will get six editions jam packed full of history. As usual thank you to our amazing contributors for another wonderful edition.
Edition 18 – out now!
Edition 18 cover, credit Bella Mulrooney

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Edition 18 – out now!

Rosie Maggs

Rosie is a public historian who currently works in Digital Marketing for an independent Museum. Rosie studied Film Production at University and then completed an MA in European History. Rosie loves learning new things about history but has a soft spot for the 1920s. Rosie set up The Historians Magazine as a way to give up and coming and established historians a place to write as she felt that there was a lack of places to get published easily in the history world. Rosie is looking forward to developing The Historians and Little Historians Magazines and can’t wait to see what 2024 offers!
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