Kelci’s Corner: My Favourite Doctor Who Moments.

Kelci Woolley

Just a side note there will be some big “spoilers” in this article.

Doctor Who has been on our screens for almost six decades, and it is one of the most loved television programmes. We’ve had phenomenal actors & actresses, who we have shared many adventures with, so as the show celebrates 60 years through time and space here are my favourite moments from its long history. Allonsy! 1. The Doctor & Clara’s Christmas dream: S8 Ep13 - Last Christmas The 12th Doctor & Clara Oswald are my all time favourite duo in the show and this scene in S8’s Christmas special “Last Christmas” gives me the magic of Christmas. This whole episode is one of my favourites it has Nick Frost as Santa Claus, it has humour and horror elements to it and it all fits together perfectly. The ending of this episode is just even more perfect, it shows us a Christmas with The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and an old Clara (Jenna Coleman) and this moment is one of the sweetest when Clara says “Can you really see no difference in me?” And the Doctor replies back “you will never look any different to me.” They pull a cracker and put Christmas hats on. But then we find out that this scene is a dream and The Doctor finally wakes up and finds a young Clara who has woken up from her dream and that scene just made me fall in love with them seeing how much they want to travel around the universe together. 2. The Doctor says goodbye to Rose: S2 Ep13 – Doomsday The 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler in my opinion are also one of the best duos out of all the doctors and companions and they both had a bundle of memorable adventures and moments together, but all good things come to an end and inevitably it did with these two when they got ripped apart from one another from two different universes and they had to bid each other farewell. Their goodbye was so heartbreaking, I think it is one of the saddest scenes of the show and it always gets me emotional when Rose says she loves him and the Doctor runs out of time to utter those three words, this scene is beautifully written by show-runner Russell T Davis and portrayed by the remarkable actors that are David Tennant and Billie Piper. 3. River Song reveals her identity: S6 Ep7 – A Good Man Goes to War. Archaeologist Professor River Song played by the magnificent Alex Kingston felt like an enigma ever since we met her in Series 4 Episodes 9/10 “Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead” in those episodes it was revealed that she knows who the Time Lord is, but he hasn’t the foggiest who this woman could be, but we know that she had a significance in the Doctors future as she carried a sonic screwdriver and a notebook that looked like the TARDIS that a future Doctor had given her which has stories and adventures with the Doctor written inside but she won’t tell him what's written as “shh Spoilers”. As the show progressed and Matt Smith took over as number 11, River Song became a recurring character and is very popular with fans and her and the Doctor constantly met out of sync, when the Doctor learnt more about the lady with the bushy hair the less she knew about the handsome alien but when we got to series 6 episode 7 “A Good Man Goes to War” we know that Amy Pond had given birth to a baby girl who she named Melody Pond and at the end of the episode it was revealed that River was in fact Melody Pond which meant she was the daughter of Amy Pond and Rory Williams, when this was announced I remember it being a massive shock for me and I couldn’t believe what I had witnessed and I wish I could watch that scene for the first time once again.
Kelci’s Corner: My Favourite Doctor Who Moments.
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Kelci’s Corner: My Favourite Doctor Who Moments.

4. Speeches

Doctor Who has always done well with their big, powerful speeches from the doctors, companions and other characters or creatures, but I have a couple of favourites that top the list. The first is the 11th Doctors Ring of Akhatan speech from series 7 episode 8 “Rings of Akhatan” this scene in the episode is one of the best scenes in the whole show with the beautiful colours, Matt Smith who gave the passion, emotion and just all-around chills with his words and one other factor that I think brought life to the speech is the music, the song that Murray Gold composed called “The Long Song” is one of the best pieces of music that I have ever heard it gives me a sense of peace, community and love. The second speech that I love is Peter Capaldi’s War speech from series 9 episode 8 “The Zygon Inversion” the words that are spoken in this scene by the 12th Doctor always makes me cry, the broken voice of him trying to convince the Zygon not to declare war with Earth with the experience that he had in the Time War is always so heartbreaking yet inspiring to watch. 5. The Doctor & friends bring Earth home: S4 Ep13 – Journey's End. The finale of series 4 was a real blockbuster episode it has lots of action, drama and an astonishing cast with past companions and friends returning such as Billie Piper, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman, John Barrowman, Elisabeth Sladen, Camille Couri, Noel Clarke and Bernard Cribbins, we also had the return of the Daleks and their creator Davros which made this episode so exhilarating to watch. With this episode also being my favourite in the whole of the show's history, there is one scene that makes me smile which is when the Tenth Doctor and his friends are all in the TARDIS putting Earth back where it belongs in the Solar System, I love the sense of success, friendship and teamwork in this particular moment and in my opinion it was a remarkable way to end the fourth series. 6. Vincent van Gogh sees his artwork in the gallery: S5 Ep10 – Vincent and the Doctor. This episode has a special place in my heart, and I think it’s the best episode of the fifth series. It showed me the beauty and the tragedy of Vincent van Gogh’s story towards the end of his life. However, my favourite moment of this story was how Vincent got presented his own paintings in the gallery by the Doctor and Amy Pond, I thought this sequence was portrayed beautifully by Tony Curran (Van Gogh), he displayed hope, sentiment and belief as he realises that his work will live on for generations, this scene always makes me emotional. Also, the music that went along with the scene was an absolute masterpiece, it was perfect.
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7. The 12th Doctor gets his memories back: S10 Ep13 - Twice Upon a Time

It was so sad when The Doctor lost all his memories of Clara and went a whole series not knowing who she was but in Peter Capaldi’s last hurrah “Twice Upon a Time” his last companion Bill Potts who was turned into a Monadsian Cyberman who then turned immortal, she managed to give The Doctor his memories back as the figure of Clara Oswald stood in front of him, seeing his smile when he saw her face was so heartwarming to watch and it was a brilliant way to end his run. 8. The Doctor is reunited with Rose: S4 Ep12 – The Stolen Earth This moment in this episode is my favourite scene in the entire show because throughout the fourth series we were seeing glimpses of his former companion Rose Tyler every so often, so we were aching for a Doctor and Rose reunion and when that time did come it was the happiest and sweetest moment, with the Doctor turning his head to see this young woman that he loves in the distance smiling at him and all he wants to do is run to her (also I loved Donna in this scene because she was so happy for the Doctor), but nevertheless because it’s Doctor Who this gorgeous moment had to be ruined by a rouge Dalek that appeared out of nowhere shooting a running Doctor. 9. Rock'n'roll 12th Doctor: S9 Ep1 – The Magicians Apprentice This scene is extremely legendary, with Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) and Missy (Michelle Gomez) looking for the Doctor, they find him in Essex 1138 where he spent three weeks partying with Vikings, he makes an unforgettable entrance with his electric guitar, his sonic shades and standing on top of a war tank having banter with the crowd, I found this scene very amusing and Peter Capaldi was hilarious, he then started playing “Pretty Woman” when he spotted Clara which I thought was very sweet. Now that we’ve reminisced about the good times let's get to the new. I am very much looking forward to the 60th anniversary celebrations with the tv specials and the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate and I’m so excited for all the surprises that is to come, I also can’t wait to see the new doctor Ncuti Gatwa in action in the next year I know that he will be incredible. Happy 60th Anniversary to Doctor Who!
Kelci’s Corner: My Favourite Doctor Who Moments.
Kelci’s Corner: My Favourite Doctor Who Moments.

Kelci Woolley

I am 18 years old from Hampshire, UK. My favourite things are signing, Doctor Who and history. I'm so fortunate to be part of the team. My favourite part of history to research is the English Kings and Queens especially the Tudors.
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