Medieval Edition out now!

Rosie Maggs

Our Medieval Edition is out now!

Medieval history is everywhere and in this edition, we hope to share stories from a period filled with the drama, war and brutality we are all used to, but also one filled with beautiful art, culture, scientific discovery and the remarkable people that lived, loved, worked and died in almost 1000 years of history. We have stories about Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II of England, the Crusades, the Vikings and Kievan Rus, medieval Samurai, the first Ethiopian Empire, Robin Hood and so, so much more! Edition 13 has been by far our most ambitious project to date. Working alongside amazing historians and world-famous institutions, we hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy putting this together. We recently launched our new website, giving you better access to all our products and we continue to make sure history is accessible, educational and fun for all ages! Once again, the biggest thank you to all of our amazing contributors, featured museums, podcast guests and team members.
Medieval Edition out now!
Medieval Cover produced by Bella Mulrooney

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Medieval Edition out now!

Rosie Maggs

Rosie is a public historian who currently works in Digital Marketing for an independent Museum. Rosie studied Film Production at University and then completed an MA in European History. Rosie loves learning new things about history but has a soft spot for the 1920s. Rosie set up The Historians Magazine as a way to give up and coming and established historians a place to write as she felt that there was a lack of places to get published easily in the history world. Rosie is looking forward to developing The Historians and Little Historians Magazines and can’t wait to see what 2023 offers! She is particularly excited for the Motorsport and Film and TV Editions.
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The ‘Other’ Paradox: Scandinavian Interaction with Slavs in the 10th – 13th centuries.
Rebirth and Reconstruction in Post-Civil War America
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Edward II: A Misunderstood Monarch