Me vs You: The Medieval Roots of English Imperialism
The Battle of Arsuf: Success of Medieval Logistics
Decoding Divine Enterprise Part Three: The External Affairs of 13th Century Canterbury
Decoding Divine Enterprise, Part Two: The Spiritual Affairs of 13th Century Canterbury Cathedral
Two Kingdoms of the Reconquista: A comparative study of the fall of Valencia (1238) and Granada (1492) and their shift from Muslim to Christian orientation
Decoding Divine Enterprise Part 1: The Domestic Affairs of 13th Century Canterbury Cathedral
unnamed (1)
Julian of Norwich, Mysticism and the Medieval Church
Untitled design (55)
Edward II: A Misunderstood Monarch
Untitled design (44)
The Rykener Case: Gender and Sex in fourteenth-century England
Untitled design (45)
The Lollard Knights

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