The History of Food and Drink Edition out now!

Rosie Maggs

Edition 15 out now!

From basic survival to entertainment and enjoyment, food and drink have played an integral part in all of our lives and with Edition 15 of The Historians Magazine, we’ve tried to encapsulate a little bit of that. Whether it’s in a medieval banquet hall, a 17th-century coffee house, or the trenches of World War 1, we’ve tried to paint a very human picture using the one thing that unites us all, a really good meal. We have fantastic features on the ‘nations drink’ tea and also the go-to tea-time accompaniment, the humble biscuit, there is something for everyone to get their teeth stuck into.
The History of Food and Drink Edition out now!
Cover by Bella Mulrooney

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The History of Food and Drink Edition out now!

Rosie Maggs

Rosie is a public historian who currently works in Digital Marketing for an independent Museum. Rosie studied Film Production at University and then completed an MA in European History. Rosie loves learning new things about history but has a soft spot for the 1920s. Rosie set up The Historians Magazine as a way to give up and coming and established historians a place to write as she felt that there was a lack of places to get published easily in the history world. Rosie is looking forward to developing The Historians and Little Historians Magazines and can’t wait to see what 2023 offers! She is particularly excited for the Motorsport and Film and TV Editions.
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“Coffee and Pistols for Two”: The Decline of Dueling in the East India Company